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We always have and always will pursue the full potential of technology.

The world is our stage of operations.

In 1982, Sanyo Machine Works opened a factory in Canada.Until then, Sanyo Machine Works had had various dealings and technological exchanges with overseas locations. This was a period where even the main automotive manufacturers of Japan had not yet begun to expand, so Sanyo Machine Works was very much in the vanguard of establishing overseas factories. While many companies began setting up overseas as a measure against the rising costs of producing domestically, or due to the strength of the yen or pressures from foreign countries, these are not the reasons Sanyo Machine Works expanded internationally. Rather, it was a result of our goal of becoming truly international. By setting up a factory in the land where automobiles were born, we would have a foundation for future operations in the enormous North American market. We now have corporate bodies set up in the United States in Michigan, and in the province of Ontario in Canada, both of which are achieving great results. With a firm eye on tomorrow, Sanyo Machine Works is continuing to plan for expansion of trade on a global scale in the 21st Century. We are steadily seeing more positive results in Europe, an area which hopes to see an economic expansion thanks to the unification of the currency. We are also positioned to benefit from the Asian market with its as-yet-untapped potential.

We pride ourselves in being technical experts, so challenging orders is the one we enjoy the most.

At Sanyo Machine Works, the technology development team is dedicated to our ultimate goals of:
1) Automation of manufacturing processes, which have traditionally been regarded as too difficult to automate.
2) Participation of the end user in the process, from developing the product to designing the manufacturing system.
3) The developement and manufacture of a comprehensive system which controls the entire production line.
We are proud to say that the systems we have developed have played a major role in the history of the manufacturing industry. In fact, many agree that our production systems helped make possible the results achieved by the automotive manufacturing industry, a key industry which propelled the Japanese economy as it grew. We devoted ourselves to making the changeover to mechatronics very quickly, and introduced various cutting-edge technologies into our systems, such as robots, computer control systems, lasers, IT (information technology), and VF (virtual factories). We then incorporated these technologies into our integrated systems, which cover the entire spectrum from hardware to software. The high esteem in which Sanyo Machine Works is held is due to the actual results achieved thanks to the systems which we have provided to our customers.

Confidence in technological strength leads to partnership.

The development of our superior production systems, which support the global manufacturing industry, could not be accomplished without the collaboration of our customers. We pool our knowledge, along with our customers, focus our mutual skills, and spare no effort in order to help achieve our customers' goal of making the best product possible. Sanyo Machine Works is in the vanguard of the global era, with our trade expanding on a worldwide scale, where the development of manufacturing systems based on international standards is rapidly becoming de rigueur. The Sanyo Group, both in the United States as well as in Japan, has been certified as meeting the international quality assurance standards, ISO9001 and QS-9000. This testifies to our advanced expertise in technology development and state-of-theart quality operating systems, cultivated by our wealth of experience. Our customers have come to rely on these traits and feel confident making the Sanyo Group a working partner in their business.

Sanyo Machine Works aims to achieve the level where product information is integrated into the manufacturing process.

Using the CAE simulation approach, Sanyo Machine Works performs accurate and optimal design to create CAD data. This optimal CAM data is automatically programmed and sent to the latest model NC machine for precision machining. We have been enthusiastically promoting digital manufacturing to ensure manufacturing precision, reliability, and durability.


Jan. 2023 Participated in the 7th. Smart Factory EXPO at Tokyo Big Sight.
Oct. 2022 Participated in the 5th. Nagoya Smart Factory EXPO at Port Messe Nagoya.
May. 2022 Participated in the Mas-Trans Innovation Japan Osaka 2022 at Intex Osaka.
Jan. 2022 Participated in the 6th. Smart Factory EXPO at Tokyo Big Sight.
Nov. 2021 Participated in the 7th. Mas-Trans Innovation Japan 2021 at Makuhari Messe.
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