Sep. 1945
Takeshi Horiba started Sanmei Co., LTD., which sold electrical instruments in Nagoya.
Oct. 1950
Sanyo Manufacturing Co., LTD., established with its head office at Hira, Yamada-cho, Nishi-ku, Nagoya. Started manufacturing jigs, gauges and test instruments.
Jan. 1957
Company name changed to Sanyo Co., LTD.
May. 1959
Company won Prefectural Governor's Award following evaluation of several companies.
Jun. 1960
Nishiharu Plant built in Nishiharu-cho, Nishikasugaigun(present Kitanagoya), Aichi-ken. This promoted production capacity of cylindrical grinders, special purpose machines, jigs and press dies.
Jan. 1962
Company renamed as Sanyo Machine Works, LTD.
Jul. 1962
Business Department became independent and named Sanyo Machine Trading Company.
Mar. 1963
Concluded a technical aid agreement concerning Press Line Automation Devices with the Press Automation Systems Corp. (U.S.A.)
Jan. 1965
Toyota Plant built in Midorigaoka, Toyota City, Aichi-pref.
Nov. 1968
Technical aid contract made with Efficient Engineering Co.(U.S.A.) for automatic welding device.
Dec. 1969
Concluded a technical aid agreement concerning Automatic Assembly Devices with the Cargill Detroit Corp. (U.S.A.)
Apr. 1971
Prince and Princess Takamatsu visited the company to observe the Gate Line manufactured by Sanyo Machine Works LTD. and delivered to Toyota Motors, Corporation Tsutsumi Plant. They also visited our Nagoya and Nishiharu plants.
Jun. 1972
Head Office moved to Nishiharu-cho, Nishikasugaigun, Aichi-pref.
Mar. 1975
Taiyo Kiko Co., LTD. established in Nishi-ku, Nagoya for production and sales of jigs, gauges and welding machines.
Sep. 1976
Automatic thread fastening device(DC Nutrunner) developed for actual use.
Oct. 1979
Concluded a technical aid agreement concerning Adaptable Control-resistance Welding Devices with the Partron Corp. (U.S.A.)
Dec. 1980
Contract made with Krause(West Germany) for sales and technical aid of Sanyo's automatic thread fastening device.
Jul. 1982
Sanyo's Canada plant built in Elmira, Ontario,Canada.
Dec. 1983
Detroit office opened in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Dec. 1984
Technical aid contract made with BTM Co.(U.S.A.) for Sanyo's Sheet metal joining Systems.
Feb. 1986
Sanyo Machine America Corporation established in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Sep. 1986
Exhibited Jig Center at the '86 IMTS(Chicago Trade Show). Started selling in the U.S.A
Nov. 1991
CO2Started development and sales of CO2 Laser Processing Systems.
Dec. 1992
Smart Automation Systems, Incorporated established in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Apr. 1993
Started development and sales of 3D Coordinate measuring devices.
Jun. 1993
Takeshi Horiba became Chairman of the Board. Masatake Horiba became President and CEO.
Jan. 1994
Developed an automatic alignment device for laser cutting machines.
Sep. 1995
The 50th Anniversary of the company.
Oct. 1995
Started selling a small, high speed type Nutrunner SVNR.
Feb. 1999
Sanyo Machine America Corp. certified to ISO 9001 and QS-9000 certification for its automatic operation facilities.
Jun. 1999
Released high-speed precision wide-use processing machine for YAG laser.
Oct. 1999
Certified to ISO 9001 certification for the Nutrunner Department.
Aug. 2000
Released FA controller CETOP for open network.
Sep. 2001
Certified to CSA standard certification(USA,CANADA) of industrial control equipment for the CETOP products.
Oct. 2001
Introduced 3D simulation technology and 3D design for automatic assembly and welding line systems.
May. 2002
Innovated Epochal engine line system that integrated manufacturing processes from maching, assembling, production control, and extended to inspection and shipment.
Nov. 2002
Released a small-high function type Nutrunner SDNR.
Jul. 2004
SDI3Sanyo machine Digital Innovation, Initiative, Integration.
Sep. 2005
The 60th Anniversary of the company
Jun. 2007
Released CETOP F-series.
Jan. 2008
Sanyo Machine Works, LTD. merged with Sanyo Food Products Co., LTD. and CHOJUTEI.
May. 2008
Released small and lightweight Handheld Nutrunner SHDN.
Dec. 2008
Released a Digital Control Press System SMDP.
Mar. 2010
Certified the patent of new Constant Time Tightening Method for the Nutrunner.
Jul. 2011
Masatake Horiba became Chairman of the Board. Keita Horiba became President and CEO.
Feb. 2015
Got certificated as Aichi Quality Company 2014.
Mar. 2015
Established SIAM SANYO MACHINE WORKS LTD. In Thailand.
Sep. 2015
The 70th Anniversary of the company.
Jan. 2018
New release Cross thread prevention function installed Handled Nutrunner.
Sep. 2019
New release Wireless Nutrunner SHBN.
Nov. 2020
New release Auto fastening angle correction function installed Handled Nutrunner.
Mar. 2021
New development Machine Vision Nutrunner System.
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